Student Experiences



“I have been at Academia for over a year now and I think it is a great school. I am now taking pronunciation and grammar. At first I took conversation and listening classes, but my English is improving and so I wanted to take more advanced classes. The school has many classes to choose from. My teachers are very good and very nice. I also love living in Hawaii. I like to hike and in Hawaii I can hike all year round on beaches, in tropical forests and in mountains. I plan to visit Maui and the Big Island soon.”



“I have been to other English language schools and I feel Academia is the best because they have the best choice of classes. I can take advanced grammar classes, conversation classes, business classes or even an English + Drama class. Right now I am also taking Academia’s Work Practicum class and I am getting working experience while improving my English. Everybody at Academia is extremely friendly too!”



“My father’s co-worker’s daughter was a student in academia and after she finished her classes she recommended to me to improve my English here. I had never thought about studying English in Hawaii so I was confused a little to be here but I realized I was so lucky to have a chance to study in academia and stay beautiful land shortly soon after.
I’ve studied English pretty long time in Korea though I was still afraid of talking with native people. But I changed after taking classes and I like to speak with them everywhere now. The classes and teachers were very great. I learned a lot in every class. Also I liked school activity. I could meet new people there.
I had wonderful memories in Hawaii for 2 months so I’m planning to study longer next time. All the teachers and staffs were so kind to me.(Thank you very much!) I miss them a lot.”



“When I came to Hawaii I never could imagine that I was going to find the most suitable atmosphere for English learning but now I feel so happy because I have met with friendly people and the teachers always are ready to help me. I know they are there for all that I need.
Especially conversation classes are very useful for me because I´m getting to improve my English and now I can speak English much more fluidly than one year ago.
I remember one day Louise told me that Academia was like a big family and I can perceive it – it´s amazing because when you arrive at foreign country you value much more the affection.”



“Attending Academia Language School has been a great experience for me. I have learned English faster than I thought, I have made many close friends here at the school, and I love Hawaii. During the week, I study hard and improve my English. I like my teachers and classmates and have learned a lot from them. On weekends, I go out on my friend’s boat and go diving and also go out in Waikiki.
There is a lot to do in Hawaii! I like to salsa dance and was surprised to find that there are many salsa clubs in Hawaii. I am having such a great time at Academia that I even convinced my mother to take English at the school!”



“We love Academia because all the people here are so friendly. We also meet many different cultures here and speak with them in English. Life in Hawaii is wonderful and we feel like we are on vacation every day! We love to swim and we swim every day and then go to class and learn English. Academia is great for us because we can choose to go to classes either in the morning or the afternoon. We can arrange our life with the school, which is very important to us.”



“I’m so happy to have had the possibility of studying English in Hawaii. I think the experience here was amazing, and I recommend it to everybody. I really enjoyed my time in the school activities.
I will never forget my 3 months in Hawaii. I would like to recommend Academia School because all the students, teachers and staff were very friendly all the time. I will miss all my friends that I made in Hawaii. I’m very glad. Thank you very much.”



“When I started at Academia I could understand English a little bit but was unable to speak very much. I attended English classes in Germany but the teachers there didn’t teach us how to speak the language. Academia taught me a lot and now I feel very comfortable having a conversation with people. I can very much recommend studying English at Academia. Staying in Honolulu, Hawaii is fabulous and there are plenty of things to do.”



“When I came to Academia Language School I couldn’t speak English. Now after 3 months I can speak in sentences, but I still have much to learn! I am learning more every day and this is important to me because I want to have a job where I speak English.”



“I came to Academia on a tourist visa and the program was so good that I want to come back and study longer next time. I really liked my teachers and my classmates and I plan to see them again soon.”



“I love Academia and have made many good friends here. I also love to surf and Hawaii is the best place for surfing in the world. I surf every day after school at Ala Moana Beach. I can walk to the beach after class with my surfboard. Many other students also surf and sometimes we all surf together.”