Translation & Interpretation


Academia provides written translations for most languages. We have a long history with a number of professional translators who have extensive experience translating a wide variety of documents. Your document can be as short as a birth certificate or as long as a book.

Look to Academia for translations of:

  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • School transcripts
  • Professional certifications
  • Personal letters
  • Advertisements
  • Menus
  • Informational brochures
  • Government documents
  • And many more!

We stand by our translations and can provide a notarized certificate of translation, such as is often required when submitting documents to US Immigration or other government agencies. We also provide proofreading services for those who already have a translation of their document and simply need a notarized certificate of accuracy.

To arrange for a translation, e-mail or fax a sample of the material you wish to have translated. Within two working days we will get back to you with a price estimate. Please be aware that quotes are not final until we have been able to examine a final version of the document, although we are happy to provide preliminary quotes.


Academia can arrange for an on-site interpreter for your business or personal needs. We can provide interpreters for most languages, as well as American Sign Language. While most are consecutive interpretations, we can also arrange for simultaneous interpretations as well as phone interpretations.

We have provided interpreters for governmental proceedings, depositions, medical examinations, and business conferences and conventions. We have worked for Federal and State Courts, medical professionals, the FBI and others.