Translation Services

Academia can provide full and accurate translations of material from simple correspondence to technical reports. Our translators are certified

Our process for translating documents is designed to ensure the highest accuracy translation of the document. We have two translators check the documents to ensure that the translation is a true and faithful representation of the original document.

Examples of the types of materials that we commonly translate:

Engineering & Science
Engineers: civil, electrical, architectural
Science specialties: chemistry, biology, biochemistry, toxicology,


MDs, Nurses, Technicians,

Programmers, Web Designers
Some adapt English off the shelf software to their native tongue

many have country or content specific expertise
specialties include  Sharia Law, intellectual property,

Media / Journalism
Producers, Reporters, Writers, Broadcasters, Producers, Editors
some broadcast quality voices
many have media contacts in their home country

Marketing: Graphics and Advertising
Advertisers, marketers and graphic designers

Former ministers, planners, military, project managers, justice officials,
communications officers

Refugee Workers,
Settlement Coordinators
Human Rights Advocates