Languages Services

Academia has over 20 years experience providing custom language programs to our government partners. We have experience in a wide range of language training programs ranging from pre-deployment familiarization to advanced refresher courses for linguists. We can provide language training for over 100 languages and have the means to locate other less commonly taught languages to meet all of your language training requirements.

We have an extensive network of highly qualified and experienced language instructors. All our instructors have BAs and most have advanced degrees.  95% are native speakers in the language they teach; most have an ILR English level of 3 or greater.

We will work with you to design a training program that best meets your needs, be it a one-on-one class with a very focused goal or a large language and culture familiarization program. Our reach is national. We can host language training programs at our location in Honolulu or we can go to you with a single instructor or a team.

We can also provide language training in online, iso-immersion, or immersion formats.