Iso-Immersion Training

Our iso-immersion programs replicate the conditions of our immersion programs while allowing the students to remain in country. We can arrange an iso-immersion program here in Hawaii or in a location selected by you. We can support programs in many different languages, most of which can be delivered with 30 days notice. Programs are designed to keep participants interacting exclusively in the target language for the specified period, usually 4 weeks.

A typical schedule will have participants immersed in the target language 12 hours a day.  We work with you to custom develop the program which will likely include the following elements:

  • Intensive language instruction
    • Emphasis on the areas of greatest importance (typically listening and reading)
    • Authentic materials
    • Interactive exercises
    • Blended learning methodologies, a developed plan for continued self-study following the program
  • Extensive natural use of the target language
    • Conversation partners – not instructors, but other native speakers
    • Conversation with invited subject matter expert guests
    • Field trip to places in the area where the language is spoken or the culture demonstrated
  • Weekly subject matter experts who speak on relevant topics such as political, economic or military affairs
  • Hands on activities such as cultural games and sport, cooking and other culture-specific activities

Contact us with your program requirements and we will work with you to develop an iso-immersion program that is both intensive and highly engaging.