Government Language Services

Academia has provided the highest quality, best value language services to its government partners for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our language services, our attention to detail, and our responsiveness to customer needs. We support the following language services:

Language Training

Academia has delivered thousands of high quality language training programs ranging from pre-deployment familiarization to advanced language and cultural training. We work directly with the client to customize a program that will match students’ levels, goals, optimal learning styles, and timeframes. We can support training requirements in over 100 languages.

Immersion Language Training

In-country immersions, designed to surround participants with the target language and its culture, are highly effective at advancing language proficiency in a short period of time. Academia has relationships with many high quality overseas language learning institutions and can arrange immersion programs for most any language and learning objective.

Iso-Immersion Language Training

Our iso-immersion programs replicate the conditions of our immersion programs while allowing students to remain in country. Our iso-immersion programs incorporate intensive language instruction with guest lectures from leading subject matter experts, one-on-one conversation practice with native speakers, and culture-specific activities.

Interpreters / Linguists

Our interpreters and linguists are highly skilled and experienced language specialists that have been thoroughly vetted for their language abilities and professionalism. We can provide highly skilled and experienced interpreters and linguists in both CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Translation Services

Academia provides accurate and timely translation services through its extensive network of professional, certified translators. We employ a rigorous quality control process for each translation to ensure true and faithful representation of the translated document. We can translate documents in most any language and field.