Corporate Language Training

Corporate Language Training

Academia has years of experience in customizing language services to fit the special needs of various industries and has worked with a wide variety of businesses to develop curricula to meet unique language training requirements. By developing specially tailored programs, we have enabled commercial customers to meet the needs of their local, domestic, and international clientele.

Student learning objectives are directed towards meeting specific goals.  A typical beginning course for tourism workers, for example, would include a vocabulary of 500 words and phrases in the target language. The words would include the most commonly used nouns and verbs as well as terms and phrases relative to the specific industry, be it a hotel, a transportation service, or an entertainment establishment.

For other industries, such as construction, for example, Academia provides vocabulary lists that include the names of equipment and tools as well as verbs and phrases commonly used in construction. In the case of the aeronautics and aviation industry, instructors focus on the vocabulary and phrases commonly used in air traffic control, for example, along with necessary grammar and conversation skills.

In addition to vocabulary and an overview of grammar and sentence structure, a beginning course will also provide an introduction to the customs and cultural norms of native speakers of the target language. At higher levels, more vocabulary and conversation skills are developed.

Customers can meet with our curriculum specialist to describe their needs and develop a course of study with weekly objectives or they can review one of our standard programs.